Savo S3 - the office chair that supports your back, no matter how you sit

Sit down in a Savo S3. adjust the seat height and then lean back. You’ll feel the difference straightaway. Feel how the chair’s articulated back follows your own, naturally supporting the curve of your back, no matter how you sit. You’ll soon realise that the phrase “follow the movements of the body” is not just about the relationship between your upper and lower body, but also the relationship between the upper and lower parts of your back. In a nutshell, Savo S3 is ahead of its time.
Savo S3


  • Savo Floating Tilt®. Multidynamic seating mechanism
  • Eco-labelled with the Nordic Swan
  • Patented back functionality
Savo S3 is the first task chair to be awarded the Nordic Ecolabel certificate under the new stricter rules for minimal environmental impact (June 2012).

Designer Johan Verde

Johan Verde (born in 1964) is one of our most distinctive and recognised designers. His particular design idiom has attracted attention and garnered awards both in Norway and abroad. His Spir range of porcelain for Figgjo was cited by Tyler Brûlé, former editor of Wallpaper*, as an example of the pinnacle of Norwegian design. Sir Terence Conrad has also specifically commented on Verde’s range of porcelain, and Bradley Quinn called Johan Verde the best designer in Europe.Johan Verde has designed a broad spectrum of products: from chocolate to interiors, furniture and boat design. His Figgjo Verde mug has become an icon that is sold all over the world today.


  • Savo Floating Tilt®, independency between seat and backrest
  • Adjustable seat height 430-540 mm as standard. Additional 470-590 mm or 540-660 mm.
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Adjustable tilt resistance
  • Backrest angle lockable in 5 positions
  • Armrests (L): Height adjustable, glide back function and multifunctional which is also adjustable in angle
  • Head support (N), adjustable: Height: 90 mm Depth: 40 mm
  • Base in black plastic (standard) or polished aluminium (additional)


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Savo S3
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