Office chairs to Aritco

Sustainability was the vision underpinning Aritco Lift AB’s major office relocation and renovation. When the company moved to its completely renovated 16,500 m² office and industrial building, many of the original building’s features had been preserved and a great deal of vintage furniture had been put to use again. The furnishing concept would be based on Scandinavian design with furniture characterised by authentic materials and clean lines. The Scandinavian style was complemented by furniture with an industrial character to reflect Aritco’s production.

Activity based with Savo Soul

Savo delivered Savo Joi and Savo Soul with mesh backs to the new activity-based office. To promote collaboration between production and the office, large glass partitions were used instead of walls. The building also includes many project rooms and areas designed for working in groups or individually as required. Savo Soul is used with screened desks and in project locations. The Savo Joi balance stools that complement the workstations are easily moved for working and seating anywhere in the office.