Why Savo?

Savo delivers an extraordinary seating experience through innovative, intuitive design. We can promise this because we adapt our chairs to the people who sit in them, not the other way round. The ergonomics are there from the very first instant, making comfortable sitting the simplest thing in the world. Our chairs are so intuitive, you know right away how to adjust them. But we do not content ourselves with that, rather we continue to push the envelopes of ergonomics and design to constantly develop the seating experience. We move with the times and work for the future. Our curiosity about people, the process of change and how innovation can solve tomorrow’s needs are what drives us forward. At Savo, we live by the watchwords “reduce, reuse, repair, recycle” and a major part of Savo’s sustainability efforts focuses on product development for the circular economy. Our chairs are made using a layer-by-layer design that means all components can be removed, repaired and updated over time, giving them long life and durability. Because we’re absolutely certain that once you’ve chosen a Savo chair, you won’t want to sit in anything else. 

Pushing the seating experience

Savo has innovation in its bones and in the back of every chair. We live and breathe “beyond ergonomics”. Once again, Savo is challenging the seating experience by pushing the envelopes of ergonomics and intuitive design.

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