Beyond ergonomics

Since its founding, SAVO has pioneered the way modern office chairs look and work in Scandinavia. We continue to challenge and influence the standard for tomorrow’s chairs. Our progressive, intuitive designs stimulate new modes of thinking, working and meeting. We offer the market’s most innovative chairs. They are ergonomic without being complex, which is a rarity in office chairs. SAVO lives and breathes a philosophy in which ergonomics are so self-evident that we’d rather just discuss how easy sitting comfortably can be. And comfortably is how you sit in a SAVO.

“What we offer is not really a product, it’s a service – sitting comfortably.”

Sitting comfortably calls for seats that are easily adjustable and so intuitive that adjusting them is second nature.  At SAVO, such things are self-evident. Our product designs are intuitive both in their use and the settings in which to use them. This becomes apparent at first sight, and the very first time you sit in them. Our chairs always add value and atmosphere through their design and impressive quality. It’s what makes our chairs easy to use and even easier to like. The ergonomics come as part of the bargain without your ever having to think about how to sit. You don’t have to get to know our chairs, our chairs get to know you. They are adjustable to provide the most personal sitting experience possible, but all you need to do in most of our chairs is just sit in them. This means we’re able to provide the best ever sitting experience all day, every day.