Pushing the seating experience

We are pushing the seating experience by exceeding the limits within intuitive design that goes above and beyond ergonomics. The result is human-centered chairs that promote your performance and health. Scroll down to discover the perks of the Savo world.

Flexi Back

Flexi Back

Chair and body in perfect synch


Allowing and stimulating movement and providing support where and when needed.

Follows the user’s movements

The Flexi Back is a flexible back support system that allows the seat back to automatically follow the user’s movements for the best possible support and relief in every position.

Optimal back support

Flexible back support vertically and horizontal.

Joystick base

Joystick base

Improve your posture by active sitting

The joystick base allows the stool to move through 360 degrees and provides stability while activating trunk and back muscles and improving posture. You can tilt the stool up to 17 degrees in any direction, keeping your body active.

Encourages an upright sitting posture

Tilt up to 17 degrees in all directions


Weighted base gives stability

Upholster the seat in any fabric you like

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Layer by layer

Layer by layer

Reduce, reuse, repair, recycle

All components are separable and interchangeable

To make the disassembling as efficient as possible we created models that are perfect for renovation. Every component can be replaced either due to damage or due to colour updates.

Extends product lifespan

The circular, layer-by-layer design means all components are separable, making it possible to update the components over time and recycle the materials.

Enables disassembly

Sustainability Repair instead of replacing the entire product

All components can be removed, replaced, or recycled as necessary and makes it possible to extend product lifetime significantly by replacing the back plate, frame or castors.

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Dynamic Lean®

Dynamic Lean®

Smooth and effortless

Seamless backrest tilting

The Dynamic Lean® function allows the seat back to follow the user automatically without any adjustment required. When you lean back and straighten out, the backrest tilts seamlessly, providing intuitive support while also encouraging movement.

High comfort with unique lumbar support

This feature allows the user to shift position smoothly and provides comfortable support in the lower back and lumbar regions to prevent strain.

Automatic back adjustment

When pressure is applied to the backrest, it slides down and along a track when you lean backwards. The seat back follows the body’s movements smoothly along a natural trajectory.