Savo Joi – A core product

Body and mind benefit from our not sitting still for too long. Balancing and varying our sitting position helps to improve posture, hone concentration and keep us alert throughout the working day. Savo Joi is perhaps the simplest and most comfortable balance stool for stimulating active sitting.

Savo Joi is designed to provide relief and exercise for your body at the same time. Because no adjustments are necessary, it’s a flexible stool that suits many people.

Savo Joi’s joystick base allows the stool to move through 360 degrees, so it feels a bit like sitting and balancing on a Pilates ball. The joystick base provides stability while activating trunk and back muscles and improving posture. Thus movements involved in finding a balance feel perfectly natural when sitting on Savo Joi. You sit correctly in dynamic balance and you can tilt the stool up to 17 degrees in any direction, keeping your body active. This keeps your back straight while stimulating muscles and circulation, providing fresh oxygen. By placing your feet on the lower part of the stool, you keep your balance in the same way as you do when cycling. The flexible baseplate encourages movements that strengthen your body. Balancing our sitting position can help hone concentration and keep us alert throughout the working day.

Active sitting throughout the working day

Active sitting helps reduce the risk of aches and pains during sedentary work, as the user is encouraged to keep active when sitting. This improves posture, strengthens core musculature and distributes stresses evenly throughout the body. The core muscles around the abdomen, hips and lower back connect the upper and lower body. A strong core is essential for posture and the muscles we need in workaday life and leisure.

Savo Joi’s joystick base stimulates active sitting through your sense of balance, and allows freedom of movement through 360 degrees.

Several means for active sitting

The rocking chair is perhaps the oldest means for active sitting, but today there are more ways to keep active while seated. Balance pads, saddle seats, ball seats and balance stools are examples of seats we can use to vary our working position and sit more actively.

Balance stools are often used for ad hoc seating that is not in use all day long, and they are an excellent choice for smaller meeting rooms and standing desks. Balance stools are also excellent when you want to switch between sitting and standing at a variable height desk.