Tradition and creativity on Linnégatan

Nunchi is an advertising agency in Gothenburg with both national and international customers. When the agency grew and needed to move to bigger premises, they naturally kept their favourite chairs from Savo.

Nunchi moved from offices in a nautical setting on Nya Varvet to new premises in a turn-of-the-century building in central Gothenburg with ceiling murals, stucco and herringbone parquet floors. According to legend, the magnificent apartment on Linnégatan 9 was the banqueting hall for none other than HRH King Oscar II.
The agency’s expansion, relocation and new recruitments required more than a little new furniture, but no new work chairs. They chose instead to keep their Savo Soul chairs with mesh backs and their Savo Joi stools with castors and foot rings.

End customer: Nunchi AB
Business operation: Advertising agency
Interior designer: Victor Johansson,
Krook & Tjäder
Completed: 2021
Location: Gothenburg
Floor space: 188 sqm

A combination of creativity and innovation
without forgetting ergonomics.

Victor Johansson, interior designer at Krook & Tjäder

The premises were furnished by Krook & Tjäder, one of Sweden’s biggest architectural firms, located just a stone’s throw from Nunchi. Krook & Tjäder considers the physical office to be a tool used to strengthen and build a company’s culture, and this is clearly evident at Nunchi.

“Our vision is to create an inspiring workplace where stylish, functional furniture shares space with selected objects that reflect the company’s personality. Mixing the 19th century heritage with Scandinavian furniture from EFG and reusing the Savo seating creates great harmony. It combines creativity and innovation without forgetting the ergonomics”, says Victor Johansson, interior designer at Krook & Tjäder.

Except for meetings, travel and various assignments with customers, staff at Nunchi spend eight hours every day in the large studio working from their Savo Soul chairs. The chairs follow the body’s natural movements and adapt to their occupants. Because the ad agency works closely in teams whose members often provide each other with feedback, the mobile Savo Joi stool is ideal when they need to quickly roll across to a colleague’s desk.
“When you’ve worked more than 20 years in this industry like my partner and I, you get to sit on a lot of really uncomfortable chairs. So, when we discovered the Savo chairs, keeping them came naturally. The ergonomics and quality beat everything we’d ever tested. Our staff are also happy, which is important for both their productivity and well-being”, says Fredrik Malmborg, partner and copywriter at Nunchi.