Office chairs with mesh

We were Scandinavia’s early adopters of mesh in our office chair designs. Today, it’s a Savo icon, exemplified best by Savo Soul. The runaway success of Savo Soul in mesh has led us to expand the mesh fabric range.

The advantages of mesh fabric

Mesh is a fabric with small, closely spaced holes. There are many advantages to using mesh for the back of an office chair or conference room chair. Our mesh backs are designed to be elastic and conform to the shape of the body. They adapt to the need for optimum support in every posture without the user having to adjust back height for a comfortable fit.

Part of the design

Mesh has become a design expression thanks to its ability to blend in and highlight a design without upstaging it. Office chairs with mesh backs give a more airy feel to a room with many chairs. Mesh makes chairs thinner and more elegant and avoids building a ‘wall’ of chair backs.


Our mesh fabrics meet environmental requirements for public spaces. The big advantages of mesh are in its use of less material than regular fabric, and the complete absence of foam, which is a major furniture industry eco-villain. All of our mesh backs bear the Möbelfakta label.

Lets your back breathe

The fabric strikes a good balance between pressure relief and temperature. Work chairs with mesh backs provide an airier feel compared to chairs with upholstered and padded backs. Especially on hot summer days in stuffy meeting rooms.

Flexible and Transparent

Today we work with mesh from Gabriel in three different qualities, each with its own design and transparency in order to meet most needs.


An almost fully transparent fabric. An almost invisible textile with exceptional strength. String’s simple, straightforward structure and colour palette make the fabric easy to combine with other materials such as steel, plastic and wood. String is Oeko-Tex certified and 100 per cent free of heavy metals.


With its semi-transparent quality and soft, three-dimensional structure, Runner is an eye-catching fabric in a broad range of colours. Runner is Oeko-Tex certified and 100 per cent free of heavy metals.


Vivid is a multi-coloured fabric designed specifically for office chair backs. It is a denser fabric that gives the impression of an upholstered back. Vivid is Oeko-Tex certified and 100 per cent free of heavy metals. The fabric is made from 80 per cent recycled polyester.