A stool for the office and home

Savo Joi might not be the office chair you first thought of, it is the chair you need. The idea behind Savo Joi was to create a stool that lets you sit the way you like while allowing free movement in every direction.

An ergonomic stool for the office and home office

The joystick mechanism in the stand means the muscles in your back and body are stimulated while you sit. The feeling is akin to sitting and balancing on a pilates ball. So Savo Joi is perfect for anyone who wants to vary standing with balanced sitting to take the strain off of their back. The intuitive design with adjustable seat height makes it suitable for workplaces where different people use the same chair throughout the day. The stool is also small and simple, making it easy to move around for use as extra seating for a desk or meeting room. You can use the stool at the office or in the home.

Savo Joi in your design

Savo Joi comes in high and low versions, and the fully upholstered seat and flat metal base combine to form a stylish design. The version with the flat metal base is known as Savo Joi Studio, and is also available in a version with a 5-star base and casters. Browse and choose from our range of colours and seat materials to create a colourful or sober impression. A black stand and black leather seat are elegantly monochrome, while a light grey metal base and a colourful seat will brighten up the atmosphere in any room. Upholster the seat in one of our many standard colours or let it inspire you and have the seat upholstered in any colour you like!