Savo presents ‘Studies in Seating’ at 3daysofdesign

With up to eight years* of our lives spent sitting in an office chair, comfortable seating should be the standard. And yet people still often settle for less.

Join Savo as we reflect on the culture of sitting at a pivotal moment in the history of work. Designed and curated in collaboration with our Stockholm-based partner, Form Us With Love, ‘Studies in Seating’ explores the factors that shape the office chair, a piece frequently dismissed by the design world as mundane and uninspiring.

Installed as part of FRAMING at the annual 3daysofdesign festival in Copenhagen (12-14 June), the exhibition is spread across two rooms in The Odd Fellow Palace, a stunning mid-1700s venue nestled in the heart of Copenhagen.

Engage with curated materials from Savo’s intriguing design reference library and join in a collaborative ideation study, daring yourself to dream as you envision the future of seating. Discover enlightening new data that aims to deepen our understanding of modern workplace behaviour.

An interactive research space delves into Savo’s rigorous methodology and application of intuitive design and ergonomics. Discover how these learnings translate into three iconic Savo chairs showcased in a visually rich display: the Savo 360; Savo Soul, designed by Olle Lundberg; and our latest release, the award-winning Savo Spine, developed in collaboration with the renowned Form Us With Love design studio.

Event: 3daysofdesign
Location: FRAMING, The Odd Fellow Palace, Copenhagen
Date: 12-14 June, 2024
Time: 10-18 on 12-13 June and 10-17 on 14 June

Savo’s guided breakfast sessions

Start your day with a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee and a spot of breakfast from a local Danish bakery Juno the bakery, all while immersing yourself in the world of one of Scandinavia’s most innovative furniture manufacturers. Join us daily between 10-10:45 for Savo’s Guided Breakfast Sessions, featuring a guided talk that delves into the brand’s past, present, and future, alongside an exploration of the concept of ‘Studies in Seating’ – Savo’s exhibition at 3daysofdesign curated by our collaborator, renowned design studio Form Us With Love. Meet representatives from both Savo and Form Us With Love, explore the exhibition’s two rooms, browse the curated material in our design reference library, and get creative as you take part in our collaborative ideation study to envision your own interpretation of the future of seating.

About the products in the exhibition

Savo Spine

Savo Spine was born form the realisation that furniture must adapt to ever-evolving work methods and environments. Designed to seamlessly blend into various aesthetics and functions, the chair features components that can be easily updated, ensuring longevity and adaptability. Savo Spine’s step-less bracket allows for adjustment of the height of the backrest and headrest for customisable support. It’s modular and flexible features enable users to tailor their seating experience while addressing the demand for furniture that scales alongside the workplace.

Savo 360

Challenged with creating an office chair using as little plastic as possible, Savo 360 is an intelligent and intuitive design piece applying ergonomics through the flexibility of the wood. Crafted by Olle Lundberg, the J-bar and back components leverage wood’s natural yield, resulting in a hybrid product that blends the functionality of an office chair with the aesthetic appeal of a wooden chair. Built to withstand the test of time, each part is separable, allowing for updates and adaptions over the chair’s lifetime.

Savo Soul

Crafted to intuitively adapt to the user’s individual needs, Savo Soul is a fully-adjustable ergonomic office chair that seamlessly shapes to every body and blends into any workspace. The simple but intelligent design offers all the essential adjustments with logically placed levers and controls, ensuring a comfortable and customizable fit for all users. The mesh back twists and flexes back to accommodate movement, delivering flexibility and versatility to every workplace environment.

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Visit us between 10-18 on 12-13 June and 10-17 on 14 June as part of the joint exhibition FRAMING showcasing exclusive design brands in an inspiring and relevant way.

*About our studies

In a pooled study sample from Melbourne, Australia, employees were found to be sedentary for an average of 6.6 hours while at the workplace. This sedentary behaviour is consistent across various regions, as seen in data from the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, Iran, Australia and Korea. For instance, Americans spend 55% of their waking time, which equates to 7.7 hours per day, engaged in sedentary behaviours, while Europeans allocate 40% of their leisure time, or 2.7 hours per day, to watching television. Similarly, in Korea, adults aged ≥19 years engage in an average of 8.3 hours of sedentary time. Additionally, respondents in Iran spent an average of 6.29 hours of an 8-hour working shift in a sitting position, with a portion expressing discomfort with their workstations and feeling fatigued during the workday. In Glasgow, UK, participants spent approximately 76% of their time at work sitting, amounting to an average of 5.7 hours per day. Meanwhile, the Dutch working population reported sitting for an average of 7 hours each day, with a significant portion of this time spent at work. In Queensland, Australia, the overall average occupational sitting time was found to be over 3 hours per day, with a quarter of the sample reporting sitting for over 6 hours per day. Finally, office-based workers in various cities across the UK, emerged as one of the most sedentary populations, spending 73% of their workday and 66% of their waking day sitting. The calculation for 8 years of sitting was derived from a standard workweek of 6.5 hours per day, 5 days a week, for 47 weeks a year, over 45 years of office life, resulting in a precise figure of 8.45 years spent sitting over an office worker’s career.