Savo Spine takes flexibility to the next level

Offices that invest in flexibility for their employees are here to stay. The Savo Spine platform not only offers flexibility in every setting it’s used in, but also in the way it can be modified to suit changing needs and assignments in the workplace.

A modular platform for dynamic settings

The ability of workplaces to adapt to their employees’ wishes regarding flexibility is becoming an expectation rather than just a benefit. According to the 2022 Recruitment Report, flexibility has already emerged as the most important benefit at work, even overtaking higher pay. This expectation of tomorrow’s working methods gave rise to Savo Spine, a modular platform that challenges what an office chair should be, and what it can become. Savo Spine is designed in collaboration with Form Us With Love The studio is renowned for exploring culture, industry and day-to-day challenges to create sustainable design solutions that promote change.

True flexibility

Today’s office environments have fewer natural barriers and personal offices, but all the more shared zones. Savo Spine is a modular design that can be modified to suit office environments, assignments and the existing or potential needs of the workplace.

Sometimes, a stool with castors is all that’s needed; other times, it’s good to focus on your work without being disturbed by colleagues and noise. Different people simply need different things from one day to another. For example, if we begin with a chair with a small headrest, it’s easy to switch to a larger headrest, or vice versa.

Savo Spine is available as a stool, a meeting chair with a backrest, a high stool and a work chair with a large or small headrest. All the versions have castors and can be combined with one another, as Savo Spine’s design features create a unifying theme throughout the office regardless of the different versions chosen. Thanks to its layer-by-layer design, its components can be updated for new functions or aesthetics, which means Savo Spine can be a natural part of the workplace for a long time to come.