Colourful and inviting at Siemens

When Siemens moved its headquarters to new premises in Arenastaden, Stockholm, the goal was to create an inspiring, activity-based workplace where people can meet and interact naturally. The move involved a transition to a workplace with enhanced flexibility and activity-based functionality.

“We wanted a personal touch with rooms and spaces that reflect the spirit of the office.”

Betina Ottosson, Location Manager, Siemens.

The landscape in the activity-based office is divided into zones to reduce noise levels. The layout combines open spaces, meeting rooms and conference rooms of various sizes on five different floors. The workstations are furnished with height-adjustable desk and Savo Soul chairs with mesh backs.

Colourful office chairs for meeting rooms

Savo offers a wide range of fabrics that let you upholster your chairs in any colour. Siemens took advantage of this when furnishing small meeting rooms and privacy booths with upholstered Savo Invite without armrests, and the Savo Joi stool in vibrant colours to match the colour schemes of meeting room walls. The entire office interior is designed to motivate and inspire employees and promote interaction.