Chairs for social spaces, quiet zones and small meeting rooms

Lounges, lobbies, group rooms and communal areas at the office are at least as important for productivity as workstations and meeting rooms. Furnish flexible spaces, temporary workstations, project sites and small meeting rooms with furniture that supports activity-based work.

Areas set aside for collaboration and breaks allow colleagues to hold spontaneous meetings and share ideas over a cup of coffee. Tallboy tables and height-adjustable tables and office chairs are ideal in these types of settings. Savo Soul, Savo Studio and Savo Invite are just three of the chairs we have available with optional footrings and high seat heights. Make the most of small meeting rooms, odd corners and nondescript spaces at the office by using chairs with casters alongside smaller desks or tallboy tables. It can sometimes be difficult to work in cramped or noisy places, so each workplace should have rooms or spaces designed for quiet work. Quiet zones for highly focused work need not be completely separated from the rest of the office, but could be a group room or a screened-off area with an acoustic booth or a screen wall.