Furnishing activity-based workspaces.

When furnishing activity-based work settings, furniture must be well thought-out and flexible as employees choose workspaces according to activities, such as working at desks, in meeting rooms, touch-down areas and project locations. Create distinct zones with seating that lends itself to highly focused work, creative work and teamwork.

Furnish with flexible furniture such as height-adjustable desks, highboy tables, acoustic screens and chairs that can be comfortably used all day long or for short periods. Combine seats equipped with casters, armrests and headrests with simpler seats without armrests for workstations and places for impromptu meetings and debriefs. When people switch locations during the day, seat height, seat depth and back height must enable quick and easy adjustment to suit personal needs.

Comfortable office chairs for longer and shorter spells

Savo Soul, Savo S3 and Savo Maxikon are three chairs suitable for use over long periods where the need for support and strain relief is greatest. All of the seats can be equipped with armrests and headrests, and their intuitive design and logical adjustment mechanisms allow anyone to use the seats all the workday long.

Savo EOS, Savo Invite and Savo Studio with designs that are a little simpler are better suited for short assignments, impromptu tasks and for seating during work meetings. The Savo Joi stool stimulates active sitting in its roles as seating for desks and standing desks.