Working better from your home office

Whether you’re working at the office or at home, your work environment is important. With people now doing more of their work from home, the home office is more important than ever. Here are some tips from Savo to help you work better and more comfortably from home.

Choosing a workspace

Ideally, set aside a dedicated workspace at home. Even though sitting with your laptop in a cosy armchair or on the sofa may seem comfortable, they’re not designed as workspace furniture. Set aside a space with a chair properly suited for work. If possible, avoid working from a bedroom, as the room is intended for rest and recuperation. Ideally, choose a quiet room where you will not be disturbed by outdoor noise or other nuisance.

Think ergonomics

It can be a good idea to shift working posture often and switch between sitting and standing while working in order to avoid stiffness and strains that may lead to pain. A height-adjustable desk makes it easy to switch between sitting and standing. Take regular breaks and preferably walks to get invigorating fresh air. Standing up and stretching from time to time is sometimes enough.

Good air quality keeps you alert

Naturally, ventilation at home should always be good, but poor quality air can be especially noticeable as we spend more time at home doing highly focused work. Good quality air at home helps you avoid tiredness and headaches during your workday.

Appropriate lighting

Whether your room is designed for work or you’re changing your workplace, the lighting has to be good in order to reduce fatigue and eye strain. By all means choose a room with windows for natural light, but avoid sitting with direct sunlight on your computer screen.

Routines and breaks

Schedule specific times for starting and stopping work. Also, schedule times for lunch and coffee breaks and stick to them. This makes it easier to plan and carry out your daily tasks and avoid working late at night.

Choose the right chair

Choose your chair to suit the space; is it a confined space or a large office? Savo offers a number of chairs suitable for working from home.

Savo 360

Savo 360 exploits corners, spaces between rooms and other areas effectively and has been developed with both the office and home office in mind. Its convenience, practical size and high levels of ergonomics make it ideal for use in a domestic environment. The option to style the chair’s upholstery means it can blend seamlessly into the majority of homes.

Savo Soul 40

Savo Soul is comfortable and easy to adjust. This version is fully upholstered with a low back and is ideally suited to many home settings. Choose from a variety of colours and upholstery fabrics.

Savo Soul med mesh

Savo Soul with mesh helps take away that ‘office feel’ and create an airy impression. With mesh colours to match your décor, Soul is the smart, comfortable choice for your home office. Optional head restraints are available for extra comfort.

Savo Studio 32

It’s important that your home still feels like home even when you use it as your workplace. With its retro feel, Savo Studio with upholstery in your favourite colour can even enhance your décor.

Savo Joi

You can use the Savo Joi stool at the office or in the home.
In less spacious homes, a stool can be a better option than a chair. If you’re short of space, Savo Joi with its unique footplate joystick function is not only space efficient but also supports your back and abdomen. Easily stowed away once work is over.

Savo Invite

Savo Invite is a stylish conference room chair designed for work, but which fits in well in most home settings. Design your chair with fabric or mesh and with or without armrests. Match the seat colour with the mesh back or choose a fabric in two different colours.