Savo Soul – The easy choice

If you’re finding it hard to choose an office chair, Savo Soul is the way to go, it has everything a chair should have. KG Arvidsson, Head of Savo, answers some FAQs about our best seller.

What was the idea behind Savo Soul?

When we developed Savo Soul, we sought to create a chair that would be used and loved by as many people as possible. It was also important for the chair to be suitable for the activity-based office, where a single chair has multiple users. The result was a chair that meets many different needs and can be used in most settings and for most types of work. We knew there were lots of good chairs on the market, but they usually had many buttons and levers, and the more controls a chair has the fewer people use, which is why Savo Soul does not have many.

Why is it called Savo Soul?

When designer Olle Lundberg and I were thinking about a name, we wanted to call it ‘Yep’ as its response to every requirement was yes. But in the end we realised the chair symbolised our Beyond Ergonomics philosophy, which expressed the soul of Savo. That led us to choose Savo Soul as its name. 

KG Arvidsson: head of Savo

What adjustment settings does the chair have?

We wanted to make a chair that could do everything, but reduce the number of decisions its user has to make. While users all have different sizes in clothes, they have to use one and the same chair, so its most important basic settings need to be easy to adjust. It’s easy to adjust the most important settings – seat height, seat depth and back height – while seated. Savo Soul has an automatic backrest resistance setting that can be fine-tuned.

What does automatic seat back resistance adjustment mean?

The most important function of a work chair is to facilitate user movement. Sitting in a chair with the wrong resistance is often a bad experience, so the chair gets locked and movement is impaired. Savo Soul solves this problem by adjusting back resistance to the weight of the person, which means it suits its occupants well the very first time they sit in it. The more the occupant weighs, the more resistance the seat applies. This makes Savo Soul ideal for any weight, as it also allows manual adjustment of the resistance.

Why is Savo Soul fitted with Flexi-back?

The main problem with sitting too much is the tendency to cause back problems. Flexi-back allows the seat back to automatically follow the user’s back movements; even if the user twists to the right or left, the seat back will follow. Optimal support and relief in every position means a healthier back!

Why should I choose a mesh back for Savo Soul?

Mesh follows the curvature of the user’s spine and provides good support without having to raise the back. Ideally suited to activity-based offices. The mesh fabric’s characteristics make the back elegant and breathable, and help it blend in well in most settings. As pioneers of quality mesh chairs, mesh is something we are particularly proud of!

Can armrests and headrest be retrofitted?

If you order a chair without armrests and sit in it for a couple of months, and then want armrests for it, you can order them. Available in three different versions, 2D, 4D and 4Dplus, the armrests are easily retrofitted. The headrest, which is adjustable in height and depth, is also easy to retrofit.

Will the chair fit our personnel, who have very different requirements for size and seat height?

We have three different sizes: 40, 50 and 60 on the upholstered backs, and we also have a mesh back in the same height as the upholstered size 50 back. In the case of seat height,
the standard height fits most people, but it’s easy to switch to a lower or higher pedestal to meet other needs. There is also a version with a high gas spring and footring suitable for high seating.

Is there a choice of seats?

Yes! Because some people prefer a soft seat and others want something a little firmer, Savo Soul is available with three different seats – soft, medium and narrow, regardless of back size. What’s more, they’re easy to replace if the existing seat is damaged or worn, making the seat design flexible and eco-friendly. The soft seat is most popular and the one I like most myself; also, it goes best with the mesh back.

What other options are available for the chair?

There are also several ways to adapt the seat to suit most aesthetic requirements. The choice of fabrics is practically unlimited in terms of both quality and design, as well as hygiene requirements. The chair is available in a white edition, and there is also a choice of black, grey or polished 5-star base and gas spring. My favourite is white with the soft seat and 4D armrest!

Are there casters for different types of floor?

Yes, for both hard and soft floors, as well as compression casters that lock under load.

How long will a Savo Soul last?

A long while! Savo Soul has a 10-year warranty, but they have a history of lasting longer. Also, the entire Savo Soul family is certified under the Möbelfakta labelling system. It’s more than a guarantee of product liability; the chair must meet strict environmental standards to receive Möbelfakta certification.