SAVO innovations

SAVO’s vision is to offer the best sitting experience through innovative office chairs with intuitive designs. A vision that is confirmed by innovations that constantly drive us forward.

SAVO launches a new way of sitting

When SAVO launched its unique SAVO Floating Tilt® seat concept, it was a totally new solution for extended sitting comfort. SAVO Floating Tilt® facilitates and stimulates movement and provides support where and when needed. Generation 5, the multi-dynamic seat system became reality. Savo’s status as a trendsetter was confirmed when other suppliers launched chair models with a Free Float mechanism.

Timeless design with SAVO Studio 32

SAVO Studio is a small office chair developed more than 30 years ago that has been upgraded to suit a modern, intuitive sitting. A high-quality chair with a timeless design ideal for the activity-based office and short stints of sitting, especially in the home office. An innovation that has stood the test of time and can now be classed as an icon.

The success of SAVO Soul

SAVO Soul was a success as activity-based workplaces made their break through and there was a need for office chairs that easily adapt to the current occupant. SAVO Soul is intuitive; it automatically follows the body’s movements and its simplicity is its strength. The most important settings, seat height, seat depth and back height, can be quickly adapted to suit one or more users and are easily reached while sitting.

The chair’s unique flexi-back automatically follows back movements. SAVO Soul was also developed with a mesh back that provides optimal support in every position.

SAVO Joi with the body in motion

SAVO Joi is a stool with a joystick function and was an utterly new kind of ergonomic innovation when it was launched in 2017. The stool encourages active sitting thanks to the mechanism in the stand that allows the user to move through 360 degrees. The feeling is akin to sitting and balancing on a pilates ball, which stimulates back musculature. Our starting point was to work with the body in motion and how to optimise sitting. Today there are many imitations of SAVO Joi, a recognition of just how good the product is and how great a pioneer SAVO is in its field.