The heart and soul of Savo Soul

If you’re looking to buy an office chair that goes perfectly with your workplace or home office, Savo Soul is your go-to choice. It’s not hard to understand why it’s our best-selling product. In fact, most things are easy to understand in the case of Savo Soul.

A work chair with little need for adjustment.

In Savo Soul, we’ve created an ergonomic chair that not only meets today’s demands but also those of tomorrow. The challenge was to create an office chair with maximum comfort suitable as a personal chair, as well as a chair for activity-based workplaces where many different people use a single chair. The chair is built using the most advanced technology but designed to be simple for anyone using it. Thus the heart and soul of Savo Soul are its simplicity and great comfort. It’s easy to adjust the very important seat height, seat depth and back height settings while seated. The automatic adjustment of backrest and flexi-back resistance even follows the body’s lateral movements. Its exceptional design with few controls makes Savo Soul one of the most user-friendly chairs on the market.

‘Tomorrow’s office chair should work a bit like a smartphone. It should be intuitive, easy to use and suit everyone. And it must have feeling. That was our starting point with Savo Soul. Simplicity was our guiding principle all the way, and while ergonomics and quality were given top priority, we made sure not to lose Savo’s soul. A real challenge, whose outcome I look upon with pride today!’

Olle Lundberg, designer Savo Soul

Design the chair to suit your needs and taste

Savo Soul is available in several heights with a fully upholstered back and also with mesh in the 50 cm back height. Create a unique chair with a choice of fabrics, three different seats and three mesh styles with different transparency levels and colours. Want to match white desks with white office chairs? Savo Soul is available in white and also with a white mesh back for a clean, monochrome expression. The chair is available in black, polished or grey finishes and with different casters depending on the type of floor it will stand on. There is also a Savo Soul High variant whose seat height is ideally suited for highboy tables. All variants of Savo Soul bear the Möbelfakta label, showing that they meet high quality standards, that production is eco-friendly and that the furniture makers work under fair conditions.