Intuitive design for better sitting

Every good product begins by trying to solve a problem. We think ergonomic office chairs are often unnecessarily complicated. Having lots of good functions and settings is of no benefit if the person using the chair doesn’t know how to use it to achieve a good sitting position. At Savo, that’s what we want to avoid.

Our chairs are all about ergonomics from the very first second, and make sitting comfortably the simplest thing in the world. Our guiding principle is always “People first”, and that’s reflected in all of our products. Through intuitive design, efficient construction and sustainable materials, we offer chairs with world-class quality. Everything to help you sit as comfortably as possible, throughout the working day.

Reduce, reuse and recover

At Savo, we constantly strive to reduce our environmental impact by using materials, energy and resources in an effective and climate-smart way. As one stage in our overall sustainability process, the chair consists of 68% recycled material, and 26.3% is wood, which is an unusually high proportion of wood for an office chair. The wood is FSC certified*, which means that it comes from responsibly produced forests. Only 4.8% of the chair is plastic, where the parts are tool-based, minimising waste to 2% in production!

The slim design and few functions on the chair reduce the material required during manufacture. The chair’s practical size also means it takes up less space during transport than many other classic office chairs. The circular, “layer by layer” design means that all parts are separable and repairable, which makes it possible to update the chair over time or to recycle the material.

*FSC licence number FSC-009111

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