Savo 360 – All-round, all day

Savo 360 is exactly what you’d want it to be an office chair, meeting chair, a chair for the reception area or a seat for a co-working space. It’s an item of furniture that’s very easy to position in different environments and which grows with the room by giving the environment that little extra.

The secret is this chair’s flexibility – both in use and in terms of its appearance. Integrated parts in natural wood immediately give life to the environment. With patterned upholstery, it becomes a self-confident chair, while a more sober fabric choice makes it an ever-changing chameleon.

Don’t just go with the flow – be the flow
The key feature of this chair is that it’s flexible enough for different types of area and task, with a design that benefits both imagination and work flow. Savo 360 offers a minimal number of settings, which makes it easy to adjust if you change workplace during the day. Just like seats for working, meeting rooms set high demands for chair flexibility and ergonomics. Savo 360 boosts both the larger conference room and the smaller, informal meeting room with its inviting design and ergonomic sitting experience. In Savo 360, you can move freely, change position, swivel around and roll wherever you want instead of having to reach. Regardless of whether the space you’re working in is the boardroom or a desk, you’ll be sitting comfortably. Spontaneous meetings needn’t always be held in a separate room. Simply roll the chair where you need it to hold a quick meeting or take a coffee break to recharge your batteries. In the tall variant, Savo 360 is also perfect for a standing desk in the lobby or lounge.

Savo 360 @ Home

The aim with Savo 360 was to create a simple, attractive chair with a unique design that could work as a crossover between different use areas. Savo 360 exploits corners, spaces between rooms and other areas effectively and has been developed with both the office and home office in mind. Its convenience, practical size and high levels of ergonomics make it ideal for use in a domestic environment. The option to style the chair’s upholstery means it can blend seamlessly into the majority of homes. The wooden parts make the design appealing and softer than a classic office chair used in the home.

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