Savo 360 with Scandinavian design

Savo 360 has been designed by Olle Lundberg and is an intelligent and intuitive chair with a Scandinavian design with a focus on details that improve function and aesthetics.

The design, with parts in visible wood, promotes experimentation with colours to give the chair exactly the right impression. The back and J bar are available in oak and in white and black pigmented ash, but are also available in any NCS colour you choose. The coloured wooden parts mean that the chair can easily be matched with the upholstery or environment it’s placed in. Savo 360 comes in normal and tall variants, with an optional writing pad for the normal variant.

The rounded forms of the chair mean that it blends perfectly into different environments without taking up too much visual space. The generous seat can be combined either with a fully upholstered back or upholstered front. The design choices give two different impressions, and you can also choose a zip or fabric in contrasting colours. The rounded forms of the seat are mirrored in the tall variant’s foot ring, and the swivel writing pad that’s available for the low variant. Savo 360 is a chair you’ll want to keep, because the wooden material and classic forms have a long lifetime. Wood creates natural life and develops a patina over the years, giving the chair even more character. The chair can be upgraded over time because all parts are replaceable and repairable.

Humans in focus, with intelligent functions

Savo’s guiding principle is intuitive design – we focus more on sitting as a position than on the chair as a product. It should be easy to sit, and to adjust your sitting position if you need to. Your body is flexible, and so is Savo 360. It’s a chair that promotes movement, and the writing pad can be rotated 360 degrees, both around the chair and its own axis. The chair is height adjustable for optimal support, regardless of the height of the person sitting in it. The backrest control is knurled for better grip and is available in natural anodised or black anodised aluminium.

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