Savo 360

Savo 360 challenges our idea of what a flexible office chair should look like, with wooden details that make it unique. At Savo we always put quality before quantity, and constantly work to improve the seating experience. We aren’t happy until user-friendliness and design are in perfect harmony. Something that’s particularly noticeable in Savo 360!

A wooden office chair?

The background to Savo 360 was to produce a sustainable office chair completely made of wood – including the star base and armrest, with every part replaceable. But a star base is heavy, and the J-bar and back components are the most appropriate for taking advantage of the ‘give’ and aesthetics of wood. The result is a hybrid between an office chair and a wooden chair, with an unconventional design that’s sustainable from a circular perspective. The original idea of replaceable parts has been integrated into the product, as every part is separable, which means you can change the chair over time. This is an intelligent and intuitive chair where the ergonomics are built in through the flexibility of the wood, which provides immediate comfort. The oak or ash parts also create a living and natural impression that makes the chair stand out and have an impact on its surroundings. With the option to choose the colour of both the wooden parts and upholstery, Savo 360 is easy to adapt to every environment.

Sustainable and flexible in different environments

Savo 360 stands for high flexibility during the working day and is designed to promote movement. It’s also available with a writing pad that can be rotated 360 degrees, both around the chair and its own axis. As one stage in Savo’s overall sustainability process, we use recyclable materials in production. Savo 360 has a long lifetime because the chair can be updated instead of replaced when it becomes worn. The minimalism and few but intelligent functions make it comfortable and user-friendly for both a desk-based workplace and in the meeting room.

Visible wooden parts

Blends in to many environments

Intuitive design

360° freedom of movement

Height adjustable

Swivel, wheeled chair

Available in several variants

Sustainable design with replaceable parts

Minimum number of settings

Design: Olle Lundberg, LundbergDesign

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Savo 360 is exactly what you’d want it to be an office chair, meeting chair, a chair for the reception area or a seat for a co-working space.

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Savo 360 with Scandinavian design

Savo 360 has been designed by Olle Lundberg and is an intelligent and intuitive chair with a Scandinavian design with a focus on details that improve function and aesthetics.

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