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Savo Maxikon Maxikon workchair product image 2
Savo Maxikon Maxikon workchair product image 2

Maxikon workchair

Ergonomic office chair with neckrest

Maxikon is not only an unusually stylish ergonomic office chair, it is also a chair where all settings are logically placed and can be easily adjusted while sitting. In Maxikon, you can work a full working day and be sure that you always sit correctly and that the body receives the support needed in all sitting positions. Like our other office chairs, Maxikon is a chair that is excellent for both individual seating and activity-based offices.

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Maxikon workchair


24/7 approved chair (without armrests). Savo Floating Vipp® where the seat and back move independently of each other. The back follows the back of the sitter and provides lumbar support in the lower back. The solution is patented. Stepless regulation of seat depth, back height, seat height and tilt mechanism. Lockable backrest.


10 years

Height 920-1110 mm
Width 600-660 mm
Depth 560-660 mm
Seat height (with load) 400-530 mm
Seat height 460-590 mm
Sit depth 370-470 mm
Total height armrest 580-790 mm
Base diameter 720 mm
Weight 17.0 kg
Dimension image Dimension image


Seat, back and neckrest

  • Leather

    • Elmosoft 1501
  • Popular fabrics and leathers

    • Xtreme 1222
    • Capture 1152
    • Capture 1151
    • Re-wool 1292
    • Breeze Fusion 1271
    • Remix 1459
  • Fabric

    • Xtreme 1222
    • Xtreme 1220
    • Xtreme 1232
    • Capture 1152
    • Capture 1151
    • Capture 150
    • Re-wool 1292
    • Re-wool 1291
    • Breeze Fusion 1273
    • Breeze Fusion 1272
    • Breeze Fusion 1271
    • Remix 1450
    • Remix 1459
    • Remix 1462

Swivel base

  • Plastic

    • Black
  • Metal

    • Black
    • Polished aluminum
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  • Alternative castors and gliders

    Alternative castors and gliders

    Castors with brake, for hard floors (castors lock with load).

    Castors with interval brake, for hard floors (castors lock without load).

    Castors without brake, for soft floors.

  • Armrests


    Armrests 2D, adjustable in height and width.

  • Neckrest


    Upholstered neckrest, height- and depth adjustable.

User manual
Maxikon manual pdf Download file
Certificates and licenses
Maxikon 24h certificate (EN) pdf Download file
Product sheet
Savo Maxikon - office chair, product sheet pdf Download file
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Furnishing activity-based workspaces.

Furnishing activity-based workspaces.

When furnishing activity-based work settings, furniture must be well thought-out and flexible as employees choose workspaces according to activities,

Choosing the right office chair

Choosing the right office chair

Whether the chair will be for the home office or an activity-based workplace, it can be difficult to navigate through the assortment of office chairs.